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Always be careful to keep your cards safe. 

Our tips to help minimise the risk of card fraud.

  • Use chip and PIN cards where possible
  • Never write down or record your PIN
  • Do not disclose your PIN to anyone - anyone who does ask you for your PIN is probably a fraudster
  • Take sensible precautions to avoid your card being stolen - for example, avoid placing cards in your pockets where they can easily fall out, do not leave your handbag unattended or carry your wallet in your back pocket
  • Check your bank statements regularly and carefully - if you find an unfamiliar transaction, please contact your Private Banker immediately.

If your card is lost or stolen, please immediately contact your Private Banker or call our 24 hour helpline on +44 (0)20 7245 1234.


This occurs when fraudsters steal your card details and use them to buy things over the internet or by phone, fax or mail. Steps you can take:

  • Avoid entering your card details on shared or public computers
  • Always remember to log out of any websites where you have entered your card details
  • Only enter your card details on secure sites (i.e. those whose web address begins with 'https' and have a padlock in the browser window)
  • Always be aware of who you are dealing with
  • Keep a close eye on your statements and report any fraudulent transactions immediately.

Counterfeit card or 'skimming'

'Skimming' is when the data on your card's magnetic strip is electronically copied on to another card without your knowledge, usually at retail outlets - particularly bars, restaurants and petrol stations - and at cash machines that have been illegally fitted with a skimming device. Your details are then used to make purchases.

Steps you can take:

  • Do not leave your card with bar or restaurant staff for long periods
  • Do not let retail staff take your card away to process payments
  • Check cash machines for signs of tampering before you use them.

Not receiving your new card in the post

This occurs when you order a new card and it is stolen on its way to you.

Steps you can take:

  • We will normally advise you how long it will take for any new cards to reach you, so please contact your Private Banker immediately if they do not arrive on time; if you prefer, we are happy to arrange for you to collect items from one of our offices.
  • Contact the Royal Mail Customer Enquiry Line on 08457 740 740 if you suspect your mail is being stolen - check whether a redirection order has been made in your name without your knowledge.