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Some scams are well known, here are our tips on how to avoid them.

'Courier scams' or 'police scams' are when fraudsters make an unsolicited call purporting to be from a bank or couriers working on behalf of a bank. On other occasions, they can also claim to be the police working on a fraud involving a bank or one of the bank's employees.

Calling your landline, the fraudster will sound very credible, claiming your debit or credit card has been used fraudulently. In order to gain your trust, they will tell you to ring your bank to ensure the call is genuine.

BE WARNED: The fraudster only pretends to hang up the call but, in fact, keeps the telephone line open. So, even though you think they are calling your bank to verify the call, the call does not go through; instead, you are still unwittingly connected to the fraudster.

The fraudster, who is now pretending to be your bank, will say that your card needs to be collected and they may ask you to key in your PIN into your phone. Additionally, they may ask you to write down your PIN and put it in an envelope with your card, cash and even your online banking token. They will send a courier to collect the items.

REMEMBER: Duncan Lawrie, or any bank, will never ask you to disclose your PIN or passwords.  DO NOT DO THIS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

The fraudster will advise you that your card is going to the bank to be replaced, but it is actually delivered to the fraudster. Once in possession of your card, your PIN and the full bank details, the fraudsters attempt to withdraw all available funds from your account.


  • Duncan Lawrie will never send a courier to your home to collect your card, PIN or online banking access token. Contact us and your local police immediately if this happens
  • Do not divulge your PIN to anyone
  • We may call you from time to time, as a fighting fraud initiative, to verify your instructions or whether a transaction is genuine 
  • We will never ask you to divulge full security information or advise you that we are sending a courier to collect this information
  • With any suspicious or unexpected call, always verify the call independently - by checking the number exists from an independent source - such as a phone book.  If the caller asks you to make a call, use a different phone line. Where a second phone line is not available, try calling a friend on the line first. A fraudster will find it difficult to impersonate a voice that is known to you. If in doubt, do not call back.