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Private banking

With Duncan Lawrie, banking becomes an enjoyable experience. Your personal Relationship Manager is always available should you have any queries and can carry out most of your day-to-day banking needs, from overseeing your accounts to suggesting new ideas and solutions...

Wealth management

At Duncan Lawrie, we provide a highly personal wealth management service, based on your needs and objectives, and designed to build and safeguard your long-term prosperity...

Our other specialist services

If we believe you need more specialist advice in any area of your finances, then we will, with your permission, introduce one of our in-house experts...

News and views

Our latest newsletters, press releases and updates on what's happening in the financial and investment worlds, and at Duncan Lawrie.

Please note that the information provided in these articles and opinions expressed are for general information and not personal to your circumstances. They are not intended to provide specific financial advice. Please contact your private banker of financial adviser for personalised advice...

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